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Zihuatanejo is a located on the west coast of Mexico, a much loved and old fashioned kind of paradise. Winters are warm making it the perfect escape from the cold temperatures further north.

Zihuatanejo benefits from a year round tropical climate. The ‘season’ extends from November to April with beautiful dry, sunny days and comfortable nights. Rain is rare during these months so you can be assured of a repeat of the same every day!

Saturday Eco Market

The Saturday Eco Market located behind the museum is a popular event and meeting place. Stalls sell crafts and local produce as well as a variety of delicious lunches.

Casa Linda is located in the La Madera area of Zihuatanejo at the end of a quiet one way street.

The pace of life tends to be a little slower making it the perfect place to relax but if you want to up the tempo you will always find something going on. Signature events are the annual Sailfest in February and Guitarfest in March. Proposed dates for 2023 are:

Sailfest 2023 – February 12th – 26th

Sailfest is a two week regatta in paradise with the sole aim to raise money to support the education of the poorest local children. There is a full programme of land and water based events. These include a sail Parade, Sail Rally around the Rock, Sunset sails hosted by volunteering sail and motor boats and concerts involving local and international musicians. Local students from some of the supported schools will also perform traditional music and dance at some of the concerts. As well as two special concerts on the Pier there are also concerts on boats anchored out in the bay and house concerts in private homes around Zihuatanejo. There is certainly something for everyone whether you dream of sailing off into the sunset or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Guitarfest 2023 March 4th – 11th

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