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Santa Clara del Cobra

We have just returned from a road trip which included Santa Clara del Cobre – known as Copper Town. Every conceivable item that can be made from copper spills from every store, we even saw chandeliers like the one at the top of Casa Linda’s beautiful staircase. A highlight was visiting a workshop where copper furniture was being made, we are looking forward to returning with a long shopping list!


Casa Linda – Birdlife

Casa Linda is surrounded by trees and guests will be awoken to the sounds of birdsong. Here are just a few of the birds that live here, you may even here the trilling of the Pygmy Owl during the night!

Momoto Corona Canela – Russet-crowned Motmot

Glaucidium brasilianum – Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

Carpintero Enmascarado – Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

Calandria Dorso Rayado – Streak-backed Oriole

Frigata Tijereta – Magnificent Frigate Bird

Mirlo Dorso Canela – Rufous-backed Robin

Colibri Canelo -Cinnamon Hummingbird

Cacique Mexicano – Yellow-winged Cacique

Urraca Cara Blanca – White Throated Magpie-Jay

Tyrannus melancholicus – Tropical Kingbird

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